Wine in Ancient Times: Romans

It’s well known that the Romans had great devotion to socialize around a table. Food and drink flowed in abundance (in some houses), on special occasions and always surrounded by friends. Dinner (around 3:00 pm) was the most important meal of the day and therefore should be special. Starters, first course, second course, all paired with different wines created for each occasion.

Olive oil and wine that reached the metropolis that was Rome at that times arrived from Hispania. But they also constituted an important weight in the Roman diet together with cereals (mostly wheat and barley). All these products were produced in Hispania, so it is easy to deduce that the diet of Hispanics was based on cereal, olive and grapes.

Today’s tour is very special as it will transport us to Ancient Rome. We will be able to know first-hand the products that were consumed. We will leave in the morning from Valencia to Sagunto to see one of the most iconic places in the Roman city, the Theater. We will talk about the beginning of the Second Punic War here and the Romanization of Hispania.

After enjoying Sagunto, we will continue north following the old Via Augusta to visit a Villae Rusticae where we will get to know better how they lived in the old Roman farms, what they cultivated and what they produced. After enjoying a walk around the Villa we will be able to taste some products that were consumed in Ancient Rome as a picnic.

We will do a picnic in which we will have different Gustatio (appetizers) paired with 2 wines that, after several studies, historians, archaeologists and winemakers have managed to replicate. During the picnic we will be able to taste some of the traditional appetizers that were served in the famous Roman banquets.

We will pair two wines with olives and lupins, nuts, cheese, replicated from the writings of Columela, Roman-style bread, olive oil, Mousse de Allec (obtained from the manufacture of Garum) and seasonal fruit.

After the taste, we will return to Valencia where our tour will end. A small feast in which we will travel to Roman Hispania for one morning.


  • Transportation by minivan with A/C
  • Licensed CV guide throughout the Tour
  • Visit to the Roman Theater of Sagunto
  • Visit to the Roman Villa of Benicató
  • Tasting of products from Ancient Rome *
  • Technical tasting of 2 Roman wines (replicated)

*The tastings will be served in individual containers, as long as the product allows it

Not included

  • Everything that is not detailed in the “included” part
  • Food and drink beyond what is already detailed


Adults (from 16 y.o.) 69€

Youth (from 10 y.o.) 39€

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