Valencia Spies Tour

Who does not know James Bond? The best known British secret agent in the world, 007 or Who does not know what the KGB is? History has shown us that spies are not an invention of a few years ago. The great Empires of history relied on informants in enemy territories to learn first-hand what was happening in certain areas. During this tour of Valencia, we will learn the most fascinating stories of spies and informants who acted in the city and how they did it to destabilize governments, win wars and influence decision-making.

We will begin the visit the Valencia spies tour at the magnificent Torres de Serranos, one of the gates of Valencia. During the spies guided tour we will review the history of espionage in Valencia and its most famous characters. We will talk about the informants of the Holy Inquisition who betrayed their neighbors and we will enter the dark 20th century to tell the history of Contemporary Europe from the capital of Turia. The First World War and the neutrality of Spain, the Spanish Civil War that attracted informants and spies to Valencia, the capital of the Republic, and the Second World War the city was full of spies fighting from both sides in a bled Spain.

The visits are at certain times and days of the week. For a private visit a minimum of 4 people is required (€ 48).


Adults 12 €

Kids from 5 y.o. 6 €