Terms and Conditions

First of all, thank you for trusting Integra-T Experience and visiting our website. Please read the terms and conditions that we show you below for the correct use of the web and knowing that every time you access our website, you are accepting them, likewise if you hire any of our products, we remind you that you must accept the conditions since you are signing a contract with us for the realization and / or enjoyment of a service.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, leaving us a message through the “Contact” tab.

1/ Legal Information

Integra-T Experience is a wholesale-retail travel agency registered  in Spain with the registration number:  CV-Mm1729-V, registered on June 27,    2014. This registration and classification (Wholesale-retail Travel Agency) are made by virtue of articles 14 and 15 of Law 3/1998, of 21 May, on Tourism of the Valencian Community and articles 4 and 5 of Decree 20/1997, of 11 February, of the Consell, which approves the regulation of the Travel Agency of the Valencian Community and will be maintained as long as the general and specific requirements that are applicable to the establishment are met and as long as the tourist character of the activity persists.

2/ Definitions

Package Trip. A trip that has at least 2  elements such as  transport, accommodation and other tourist services that  constitute a significant part of the trip (guide, activities, etc.)

Organizer. Natural/legal person(we)who organises on a non-occasional basis package tours and sells or offers them for sale directly or through a retailer (retailer)

Retailer. Natural/legal person who sells or offers for sale the package proposed by an organizer.

Wholesale-retail Agency. Organizer who in turn acts as a retailer, so you can create the trip and sell it directly.

3/ General Conditions

Integra-T Experience declares as a Travel Organizer and as a Retail agency so in addition to selling our own products, we sell products from other organizing agencies. When hiring each trip, the customer will be given all the information of the product they hire. In the link of each trip, you, you can find an informative brochure with the trip you are going to hire, detailed. Always the details of the trip will be found in the information leaflet, 1)  unless there are changes. In that case the client will be informed in advance. 2) Or a private trip was contracted, similar to the rest offered, although not exactly the same. In this case it will be agreed with the consumer / user before the realization of the same.

4/ Services

Integra-T Experience, is committed to offer exclusive trips, created by us, in addition to others organized by other wholesale agencies. At the time of contracting them, theuser will be informed what type of trip he is hiring, as well as the conditions of the same. As we know that due to circumstances beyond  the control, sometimes changes have to be made to the routes, activities and / or accommodations. So the information leaflets downloadable from the web, should only be an information sheet. If there are planned changes before the start of the trip, the user will be notified to comment on the changes.

The price offered is always per person and includes the services collected and described in the information leaflets. The user will be able to find discounts whenever they travel in a group that hire the service at once. If you have questions, please contact us. Prices may vary depending on the time of year in which you travel, taking into account the High-Medium-Low seasons. If there is an unexpected change in the final price of the service, the user will be informed immediately.

As a general rule, our prices will not include airfares, drinks, air and airport taxes, visas, gratuities and all those services and products not described in the informative brochure of each trip.

Trips always require a minimum of travelers, which are specified on each trip. To learn more, go to point 6 Overrides

5/ Payment Method

From Integra-T Experience we want to facilitate the payment of your holidays so we have several forms of payment. Usually the accepted payment method will be by credit card (VISA-MASTER  CARD), although if you wish, you can make the payment by bank transfer. If you choose the latter, you should know that the management costs will be borne by the user. The second option also allows you to divide the payments always taking into account the terms that we have here under:

40% to be paid at the time of booking

60% to be paid 45 days before the departure date of the trip. If booked less than 45 days from the departure date, 100% must be paid in a single payment. At the moment you pay 100% of the price your reservation will be completely made and we will proceed to send you a confirmation e-mail. If the remaining 60% is not paid in the specified time, it will be understood that the user desist from making the trip with Integra-T Experience.

6/ Cancellation, Cancellation, Withdrawal

At the moment that the user decides to withdraw from the trip, he will be entitled to the refund of the payments made  in advance, although the company may ask him to pay all the management costs, plus the cancellation costs, if they have occurred. They shall never be greater than:

a) 5% of the total trip if the withdrawal occurs more than ten days and less than fifteen days before the start date of the trip; 15% between days 3 and 10; and 25% within 48 hours prior to departure.

b) If for any reason, the user does not show up for the trip without having previously canceled it, he will lose the right to refund the amount paid.

c) Any user who wishes to give his place to another person (change of name), must communicate it, in writing, to Integra-T Experience within 15 nates days of the start of the trip. Additional management costs may apply.

d) In the event that the organizer, we, cancel the trip before the agreed departure date, for any reason that is not attributable to the consumer, he will be entitled, from the moment the termination of the contract occurs, to the refund of all the amounts paid, in accordance with it, or to the realization of another combined trip as equivalent or superior, provided that Integra-T Experience, can propose it. In addition,  an indemnity must be paid never less than 5% whenever the cancellation occurs between 2 months before and fifteen days before the departure date, 10%, between fifteen and 3 days before departure and 25% 48 hours before the start of the trip. If the minimum number of passengers is not reached, there will beno obligation to indemnify,provided that the user is informed in writing more than 10 days before the date of departure. Likewise, when a trip must be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, understood by such, those circumstances beyond the control of the person who invokes them, abnormal and unpredictable whose consequences could not have been avoided (natural disasters, war conflicts)

7/ Alterations

From Integra-T, we are committed to providing our customers with all the contracted services contained in the program with the conditions and characteristics stipulated, whenever possible. If there are any significant changes known before the start of the trip, userswill be informedimmediately. All this  according to the following extremes:– In the event
that, before the departure of the trip, we are obliged to significantly modify some element of the contract, including the price, we must immediately inform the consumer. You can choose between terminateing the contract without any penalty or accepting the modification.
– In the event that, after departure, the Organizer does not provide a part of the planned services, it will adopt the appropriate solutions for the continuation of the organized trip, without price supplement for the consumer. If the client continues the trip with the solutions given, it will be considered that he accepts these proposals and therefore the contract remains in force.
– The organization will not be responsible during the route of a trip,  Trekking  or Expedition, for changes in the program as a result of schedule changes or delays of planes, buses, trains etc. You will always be informed at the  meeting at the beginning of the trip.

If the user contemplates that any service detailed in the brochure or on the web, has not been satisfied, he must immediately communicate it to the corresponding guide and to Integra-T Experience in writing, to be aware of it and provide the service as soon as possible, or a possible compensation.

8/ Insurance

At Integra-T Experience, we have a policy of including travel insurance within the price of the trip. Otherwise, the user would be warned that they must purchase one. It is mandatory to travel with us with insurance and depending on the type of trip, must include special conditions (mountain, risk activities).

9/ Documentation

It is necessary to bring the documentation in order for all trips organized by Integra-T Experience, without exception. It will depend on the destination and the laws of each country, the DNI, Passport and even visas will be required. Everything will be borne by the user, in addition to vaccination certificates, if requested at destination. In the event that you are denied entry to a country for not carrying in order any type of documentation, Integra-T Experience, is not responsible for the consequences, such as repatriation or extra expenses for processing or other expenses that originate from this fact. In fact, this will be considered that the user desist from traveling with the rest of the group. You can find all the information of the  countries to which you travel and their entry requirements on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs  www.mae.es. Citizens of other countries contact their embassy and/or local governments.

10/ Luggage

From Integra-T Experience we recommend, carry a backpack as luggage, although it will always vary from trip to trip. And you’ll find all that information in every travel dossier. But what   is certain is that you must carry luggage that you can always carry easily. Keep in mind that not all hotels have an elevator and sometimes if you use public transport you have to use stairs and walk 15-20 minutes, so you should take this into account when preparing your luggage.

10/ Responsible Tourism

Integra-T Experience wants to be a travel agency that stands out in the field of Responsible Tourism. To do this, there must be established rules that users must abide by and respect. Responsible tourism is that type of tourism that tries to create opportunities for tourist destinations and the inhabitants of the area, without compromising the economy in the future. This can be done by conserving the environment, redistributing wealth among all the inhabitants of the area, using public transport, not using illegal drugs, respecting local cultures and traditions (although we do not agree in many cases), prostitution, abuse and violence, etc.

11/ Standards

In the previous points an attempt has been made to explain some of the rules and philosophy of this travel agency. You as a user when traveling with us are accepting that philosophy of travel, therefore  you must comply with the rules. In the event that you do not do so, the person in charge of the trip (our guide) will have every right to expel you from the trip, for the safety and stability of the trip, without any compensation, since the contract would have been breached. 

12/ Accompanying Guide and Official Guide

As the name implies,  the accompanying guide will be the person in charge of the group. She is an expert in the destination and in the journey  itself. It is the image and voice of the company for our customers and is responsible for security and organization in travel.

If the tour had included an activity with an official guide, the client will be informed. Official guide is that guide who having obtained a certificate / license can practice as such in a given city / region having the opportunity to give more detailed explanations about the specific destination.

13/ Gift Vouchers

Integra-T Experience offers the possibility for customers to purchase a Gift Voucher to be able to redeem for any of the products that are on the web or that are ordered in a Tailor-made Trip mode whenever it is possible to offer such a service from the travel agency. This will be communicated to the customer after the first contact.

Gift Vouchers consist of a check for a certain value (to be chosen by the customer who purchases it) with the expiration of two years from the first day of the month following the purchase.

That is,  if  you buy a €200 bonus on January 10, 2020, that bonus will expire on February 1, 2022. The enjoyment of the reservation of the bonus may not in any case exceed more than 2 months the expiration date of the bonus. That is, if the bonus expires on February 1, 2022, the deadline for the reservation may be April 30, 2022.

If once the bonus has ended no reservation has been made, said bonus can be renewed for one more year, paying a fee for management costs of € 5 that will never be included in the bonus. To make a renewal of the voucher you must inform us before the expiration date and proceed to the payment of the fee below.

14/ Data Protection

The personal data that are requested for the formalization of the contract and for the sending of information, are subject to the Law of Protection of Personal Data, 15/1999, December13. In order to comply with the obligations of the travel contract, the data provided will be subject to automated processing and will be incorporated into a computer file owned by the Agency, before whom, as responsible for the treatment and at its registered office, you can exercise the rights of access, rectifications, cancellations and oppositions recognized by law. The client expresses his  express consent for such treatment and authorizes the Agency to provide information and advertising regarding its products, as long as it does not receive instructions to the contrary.

Through this website, no personal data of users are collected without their knowledge, nor are they transferred to third parties.

In order to offer you the best service and in order to facilitate the use, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, as well as the activity of the visitors and their frequency of use are analyzed.

15/ Cookies

The Integra-T Experience website uses the necessary cookies for the proper functioning of the website itself. As established in article 22.2 of the LSSI, cookies will be applied to any device that visits our website to store and retrieve the data used on each device of a specific user.

What are cookies? Our Integra-T Experience website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and retrieve information when you browse. So, when you return to the website, it can help you with what you’ve already seen or similar products. In general, these technologies can serve a variety of purposes, such as recognizing you as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits, or customizing the way content is displayed. The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.

The type of cookies that we use are analysis cookies, which means that they are those that, treated by us or by third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. Basically to know if there are more people interested in Route 66 or in taking a guided tour of Medieval Valencia. To do this, we analyze your browsing on our website in order to improve the offer of products or services that we offer.