About Us

What is Integra-T Experience? and the most important, Whom are you buying?

Stop being a tourist and start travelling

This statement perfectly describes what we want to offer in our company Integra-T Experience. We are a travel agency that tries to get away as much as possible from busiest tourist destinations and explores the world from another point of view. The Experience is what matters and we must follow some guidelines to offer a Responsible Travel product.

Integra-T Experience is a young travel company with the goal of take Tourism to another level. With the experience of working in differents companies (spanish and international) , we decided that our own time had already arrived, to create our destiny and leave “traditional tourism”.

Small groups

Depending on the trip we will offer a number of places. Never more than 15 travellers.

Commitment to local cultures and economies

 What sets the mass tourism of Experience.

Be part of the History

To understand better the local cultures we have to understand their history, that’s why we are working to create “original” thematic trips.


David Peris Navarro

Manager & Guide

David, was born in Valencia, 1985. He studied Tourism Degree at Universitat de Valencia and a Master in Local Developement . After years working as a TourLeader for a Foreing company decided to start his own business creating tours far from the most popular places. Offering activities that other companies, at least in Spain doesn’t offer based in Responsible Tourism.

He’s a specialist in Europe and North America, has travelled around 5 continents also he has lived in Germany, USA, Hungary and Morocco for a while. Speaks Spanish, English and he could order some beers in French, Portuguese and German…for you.

Let him know if you want to create a new itinerary in Spain, France and Portugal or if you want to do a Valencia Tour with him.